Welcome visitor! My name is Sebastian Negomireanu and I am currently working as a Software Architect for WEBfactory GmbH, a company focused on web-based automation solutions. My current work involves contact with most modern technologies with a strong focus on the .NET platform.

My past work has taken me into a large number of technologies and projects, varying from multimedia applications to web applications to financial applications and from C/C++ to Java to HTML/PHP and to C# and .NET.

I am a big fan of modern development techniques and technologies and I always try to stay on top of things using the best tool that fits the job. That being said, I am opinionated when it comes to certain things and you can expect me to write things that might not have the same point of view as you do.

You can find me also on Twitter from time to time (http://twitter.com/nseba) and you can always drop me an email if you want to get in touch with me at contact@byteflux.me

The large number of  platforms allow me to have different views regarding coding, design and architecture and this blog is dedicated to sharing any useful information that will make someone’s life easier.