Jun 082012

We would probably have these horror masterpieces:

  • “Dead code don’t talk”
  • “Threaddy vs JSON”
  • “The Garbage Collector”
  • “Internals”
  • “The silence of the lambdas”
  • “I know what you did last method”
  • “I still know what you did last method”

or these adult movies:

  • “Show me your privates”
  • “Inside her sexy braces”
  • “Deep nesting”
  • “Show me your var Gina”
  • “Class action”
  • “Finalizers”

or Sci-Fi stuff like:

  • “Matrix trilogy” : “The Rotation Matrix”, “The Translation Matix”, “The Scaling Matrix”

or action movies like:

  • “Frozen”
  • “Try hard”
  • “Catch”

The best thing is that all of these are girl movies. They all cry at the end when this hero is Disposed.

Hopefully this makes you end the long workday with a smile. Happy weekend!