Jan 162013

Recently Live Writer has stopped working for me when trying to post articles to my wordpress blog. The error that I keep getting is “Invalid response document returned from XmlRpc server”.

After a bit of digging and pointing fingers to all my installed plugins, I have found out that the problem actually comes from a very unexpected place – the BOM marker inside my wp_config.php.

If you encounter this problem, the easiest solution is to load the file inside Notepad++, go to Encoding and select UTF-8 without BOM. Save and voila! Live Writer works again.

For a more complete and detailed explanation check out this blog post: http://blog.scribz.net/2010/12/windows-live-writer-wordpress-unicode-bom-error/#more-22

Oct 162012

UPDATE: due to many requests, I have compiled the code below into a project that you can download from here: Validation.zip

To my big surprise the Microsoft team behind the WinRT XAML framework has decided not to include the built-in support for validation that exists in the WPF and Silverlight frameworks. Anyway, for anyone that needs an alternative, I have created a set of helper classes to make things easier.

 Implementing INotifyDataErrorInfo validation in Windows 8 WinRT XAML applications

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May 182011


One of our main requirements when performing the migration was to have the same level of integration with our Team Build system. This means that the build should run all tests and fail if any test fails. Also we should be able to see in the build log which tests have failed.

This step is the most complicated one so here is a quick breakdown of all the steps involved:

  1. Setting up the build server
  2. Changing the build template
  3. Add a new ForEach sequence to iterate through all test assemblies
  4. Add a sequence to run all tests in a single test assembly
  5. Invoke NUnit
  6. Publish NUnit results
  7. Mark the build as broken if not all tests pass
  8. Modify the workflow to support projects without a test settings file
  9. Check in the build template file.

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May 182011


I am working in a large WPF project that is in a continuous evolution. Initially when we started the project we didn’t have any kind of unit testing in mind, then later we switched to an (almost) TDD approach. Since we use TFS for source control and automated builds, the natural decision was to use MSUnit as the test framework. Although this approach has some benefits, after the project has grown in size we have reached several limitations.

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Jul 232010


Puteti descarca de la adresele de mai jos prezentarea Moles si proiectul demo:

Cerinte minime pentru proiectul demo:

- Visual Studio 2010 Professional

- Moles plug-in (http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/projects/moles/)

Astept comentariile voastre si feedback.

Disclaimer: Nu lucrez pentru Microsoft si nici nu sunt implicat in vreun fel in dezvoltarea acestui proiect. Notele si proiectul demo reprezinta punctul meu personal de vedere.


You can download my Moles presentation and demo project from the links below. Unfortunately at this moment the presentation is only in Romanian but I will translate it and provide an English version the next few days.This is a translation of the original presentation in Romanian

Minimum requirements for running the demo:

- Visual Studio 2010 Professional

- Moles plug-in (http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/projects/moles/)

I am waiting for your comments and feedback.

Disclaimer: I am not working for Microsoft, nor am I involved in this project. The slides and demo project are strictly my point of view and I am doing this to share something that I feel can be useful.

 Moles Isolation Framework – presentation from Ronua Sibiu meeting