Apr 092012

In Visual Studio 2010, depending on the project type you get different options when you want to add new items to a project. If you have created a class library and later you figure out that you want to add WPF custom controls, you will need to change the project so that it supports this functionality.

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Aug 022011

As a WPF developer, I often find myself trying to debug the visual structure of my applications or to find out why something doesn’t work as expected. The Visual Studio debugger can help up to a certain point, but for runtime visual debugging it lacks the necessary features. Luckily, there is an awesome free tool that you can use for this – Snoop. The tool itself is very straightforward – you select your running application press a button and you can see the whole visual tree:

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Oct 162009

Everybody that is doing XAML editing has hit this issue one moment in time – the editor is buggy. First of all – the designer is really useless. Second, if you keep editors open side-by-side  you will eventually get a Visual Studio crash. Also from time to time you won’t be able to open the XAML file because apparently it is open but hidden. Finally, I would mention that the XAML editor is a lot slower than the other Visual Studio editors. Continue reading »