May 182011


Since we are not using MSBuild anymore, we need some tools to help us in the testing process. Below are the tools that I currently use for this:

The NUnit GUI & console test runner come in two flavors – AnyCPU and x86. In my project I could only run the tests using the x86 runners (I have mixed projects – some using the x86 configuration, while most are built using  the Any CPU configuration).

Check out the next parts of this series here:

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  • Mark Heath

    Thanks for these useful links. We use TestDriven.NET which gives excellent VS integration.

    • Sebastian Negomireanu

      Hi Mark, I hope that what I’ve posted is of some use to you. I know about TestDriven.NET, but my goal was to cover free/open source tools (especially since one of the requirements was not to increase the overall development cost). Anyway, TestDriven.NET is one of the best tools for running NUnit tests.